11-Year-Old Trump supporter gives explosive interview

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At this year’s CPAC, an eleven-year-old Trump supporter gave a very animated answer as to why she was a fan of the new president.

“One day, I was at home watching TV. And this is, sorta, before the election began,” the girl, who was wearing a Trump t-shirt and pins, explained. “And then, there was this guy. He talked about all of the issues we were facing … all of the problems. And, okay, that’s normal, every politician does that. Then something extraordinary happened. He said how to fix them.”

Without taking a pause or a breath, the young girl continued.

“No politician ever does that. Maybe some do. But, they don’t really mean it. All talk, no action. Then, he said those words that I never, ever in my life will forget, … ‘I Donald J Trump, am running for president.'”

The girl told the interviewer that her mother had voted for Ted Cruz and that, although she didn’t mind Cruz, she said that she advised her mom to vote for Trump.

“One of the other reasons I like him, and this is my favorite reason … ‘We will build a wall on our southern borders and Mexico,’ not buts about it. Mexico will pay for the wall. Mexico! Not us. One way or another, they are paying for that wall.”

“Does anyone at school give you a hard time for supporting Mr. Trump?” the interviewer asked.

“Lots of kids,” she responded. “They say ‘Oh, it’s Trump girl!’ you know, but I don’t let it get to me.”

The interviewer then asked, “What are the major problems you see in this country?”

“Immigrants. You know, I love immigrants if they come here legally. I don’t like the word ‘illegally.’ I like ‘legally.'” And if they’re going to do that we have to put some precautions.”

The little girl continued to speak about the issues she felt needed addressing in the United States, to include education. She told the interviewer of many different careers she is considering when she graduates from college, and that she will run for president if the country needs her.

Watch the young patriot in action below:


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