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Today is August 13, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-Epstein and a ‘cultural aberration’
Jeffrey Epstein had previously slammed criminalizing sex with teen girls as a “cultural aberration,” according to a reporter who recalled the convicted pedophile’s comments a year before his apparent suicide. Epstein was “unapologetic” and defiant to the end in his beliefs on men sleeping with underage girls, according to New York Times reporter James Stewart. “He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable,” Stewart reported in the Times on Monday. Stewart spoke with Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse in 2018, a year before he reportedly killed himself inside of his New York City jail cell on Saturday.

DML: Anyone who feels bad about this guy being 6 feet under, please raise your hand.

2-Barr focuses on ‘irregularities’ at correctional facility
Attorney General William Barr on Monday blasted corrections officials and vowed to investigate the “serious irregularities” uncovered at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan where Epstein was held and found dead Saturday morning. The disgraced financier reportedly used a makeshift noose made from bedsheets to hang himself.

DML: As I reported yesterday on DML LIVE exclusively on, there is no chance you ever learn the truth about what took place.

3- FBI going to Orgy Island
FBI agents are searching Epstein’s Little Saint James Island home in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The notorious island took on a string of nicknames over the years, including “Pedophile Island” and “Orgy Island.” The 66-year-old Epstein was known to frequent the lush property in the U.S. Virgin Islands. What’s more, an employee who reportedly worked there has claimed the wealthy financier kept a mysterious safe inside the main residence.

DML: You will never see the items inside the safe.

4-Trump administration defends new green card rule
The Trump administration on Monday issued a long-awaited rule strengthening the ability of federal officials to deny green cards to immigrants deemed likely to rely on government aid. Officials described the so-called “public charge” rule as a way to ensure those granted permanent residency are self-sufficient — and protect taxpayers in the process.

DML: Amen.

5-Trump v. Scaramucci 
The new public rift between President Trump and Anthony Scaramucci is slowly escalating as one campaign aide has described the former White House communications director as a self-centered man who abused young staffers during his short tenure. Scaramucci has been critical of Trump, suggesting to CNN it might be best for the Republican Party to replace him at the top of the 2020 presidential ticket.

DML: Both Trump and Mooch need to relax, they appear filled with unneeded anxiety. Perhaps some better sleep and a little less pain in the fingers from all the ugly tweets will go a long way.  I suggest to POTUS that he tries DML PURE CBD, as it should cure all those symptoms within 30-days.  Mr. President, go to and get a starter kit today.  As for you Mooch, stay off my website.

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