16 Arrested as protesters attack Trump supporters in Berkeley brawl

Trump Rally Berkeley 041517 b

A “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, California Saturday turned ugly and violent, as anti-Trump demonstrators (Antifa) all dressed in black descended upon a pro-Trump rally.

The rally, sponsored by the pro-Trump group Liberty Revival Alliance, was scheduled for noon to 4:00 p.m. in the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley.

But the “counter-demonstrators” showed up as well, resulting in hundreds of people getting involved in very violent confrontations.

Fistfights, fireworks, smoke bombs pepper spray, rocks and sticks were all a part of the melee, as well as people getting hit over the head with skateboards, and trash bins and dumpsters being thrown and rammed into crowds.

Sixteen people were reportedly arrested, and nine were injured, including one stabbing victim, and six taken to the hospital.

The Los Angeles Times resported that one bank even boarded up its ATM machines as an extra precaution before the rally.

About 250 police officers were on the scene as well, but from the following videos, the police aren’t seen stopping much of the brawling.

The following video was taken by someone right in the big middle of it all.  One person warned the photographer to get out, because their red, white and blue apparel would antagonize the demonstrators.  





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