In 1990, Trump held an interview with CNN; Here’s what happened… (video)

In 1990, during the days when President Donald Trump was just a successful billionaire running a global business, a CNN Money interview was held in regards to the Trump Organization’s functions.

However, while not presented in the clip below, the interview turns sour when the interviewer begins asking jaded questions to negatively agitate Trump. And just like today in 2017, Trump was not having it.

Trump tells the interviewer he does not tolerate negative, inaccurate reporting. He then criticizes news media as a whole, stating it gets away with “murder” because they are “protected.”

He then emphasizes though, on how that type of reporting doesn’t fly with him. Trump gives a few more remarks about the reporter being a “negative guy,” removes the mic, stands up, shakes the hand of the reporter, and walks out mid-interview.

It seems as if this interview, which was 27 years ago, is a mirror reflection of contemporary times. CNN back then was still committed to biased, uninformed reporting, and Trump back then was still a man who would not tolerate that type of fake news coverage.

See the clip below:

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