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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Mayor London Breed on Friday announced the proposed budget for San Francisco over the next two years.

Mayor Breed said the budget will close the city’s projected $1.5 billion two-year shortfall to preserve jobs, and that it “minimally impacts services.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Included in the budget is a major cut to San Francisco law enforcement, including both police and sheriff’s department.

Breed set out to close a deficit of more than $1.5 billion in the proposal, after the local economy was stunted by the coronavirus, the San Fransisco Examiner reported.

According to the proposal, $120 million may be redirected from law enforcement agencies to the Black community.

Breed said, “With this budget, we are listening to the community and prioritizing investments in the African American community around housing, mental health and wellness, workforce development, economic justice, education, advocacy and accountability.”

The budget would provide “a slight increase of .2 percent in the city workforce for a total of 31,853 employees,” the SF Examiner reports. “But Breed’s budget assumes that current city workers will agree to defer their scheduled wage hikes for the next two years to save $270 million.”

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    • Touché That’s exactly where it should start. So sick of this defund the police BS! They will get exactly what they deserve if they continue to keep this rhetoric up. smh….

  1. Does anyone remember President Lyndon Bain Johnsons Great Society declaration ? That lasted for 20 years. One of the biggest and costly social programs and policies ever undertaken by this government and is also one of its greatest failures if you have never heard of this , then for Gods sake look it up and learn from it, because this is exactly what the socialist Democrats are trying to do, but on a even grander scale. The history is there, take the time to study the facts and decide for your selves if this is the direction you want this country to go in. Socialism DOES NOT work

  2. All I can say is if you are a police officer in that place. And you stay . You are beyond stupid . Police officers do not make enough to put their lives in danger among the very people you are giving that money too. I hate to tell you this but blacks are the most privileged among us . It’s profitable for all blacks innTexas . The only way you fail in Texas is you are just plain useless. All welfare , free college and now murder and rape and killing their own plus their own black children . Either by abortions or outright murder as we have seen lately . And no repercussions . Before you jump .Look up the stats as to what they have been receiving. Taking money from them is setting your community up for more crimes. It’s apparent that Pelosi’s district has the highest homeless in all of America . And yet they still keep her in office so she can have 2 refrigerators at the cost of $50,000 dollars while half of the People of San Francisco are dying in her district. This is why otherwise other states do not want Californians to move to their states.Austin is an example . They keep putting in the Very people who have made a career off of killing them . The comment by William above this one . Is absolutely correct .

  3. all corrupt democrat will love to hear 120 million ..straight to their Pockets Remember Obama from garbage to Riches..we are not stupid…


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