24 Times Deported and Still Coming Back

Efrain Delgado-Rosales, a citizen of Mexico, was sentenced last week to five years in prison for smuggling four illegal aliens into the United States.

He was caught by Border Patrol (BP) in October, marking the 24th time Delgado-Rosales had been apprehended by BP since July 1999, according to officials. For some unknown reason, the other 23 times he was caught, he was not charged.  Instead, he was sent back to Mexico.

Only once, out of the 24 times, was he apprehended alone. All the other times, he was caught with other illegal aliens.  So the question is, why did it take the United States 24 times to get it right?  It makes no sense. And the bigger question is, how many times did he cross over illegally and not get caught?  And how many people has this man smuggled into the US since 1999?


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