Presidential candidate Ted Cruz came away with a huge victory at the Arizona Republican Party convention on Saturday, grabbing the most of all the delegates amid cheating accusations from supporters of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Cruz won all of the 28 at-large national delegates and roughly split the 27 delegates selected by congressional district.

Trump backers called foul, but Cruz’s Arizona campaign organizer says everything was done legitimately and that simple math led to the at-large victory.

The win was mainly strategic for Cruz since all 58 Arizona delegates are required to vote for Trump on the first national ballot because he won the state’s primary.  Even so,  State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who chairs Trump’s Arizona campaign, said a challenge is possible after calls for a revote were rejected by the party.

“The Trump campaign is very unhappy with the results,” said DeWit. “We don’t feel that this was a fair process. The Trump button got checked more than any other, so why do we have so few delegates?”

Constantin Querard, Cruz’s Arizona campaign chair, countered: “They lost because of math, not because of malfeasance. If you take the people that want Cruz, and you add to them the people who don’t want Trump, that’s a majority in just about any room in America.”



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