Social justice warriors create ‘Shady Person of Color’ list to silence dissenters

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The following story was published on CAMPUS REFORM.

A private document by a group of liberal students at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) designates certain individuals as a “Shady Person of Color” (SPOC) on the grounds that they opposed their liberal counterparts.

During the height of the racial protests at Claremont McKenna College last November, CMCers of Color issued a list of demands including the resignation of Dean Spellman and the establishment of a permanent “safe space” that would function as a Resource Center for students from marginalized backgrounds.

The student group wrote an official proposal to the administration, but also created a private document with other miscellaneous items wanted for the safe space, such as kitchen items and a sound system.

Among this list is a Shady Person of Color (SPOC) board, which includes a royal court of five members of the CMC community who oppose the group. Assistant Dean of Admissions Brandon Gonzalez is the “King” SPOC. Gonzalez led the diversity initiative that CMCers of Color felt misrepresented CMC. The “Queen” SPOC, Hannah Oh (CMC ’15), was the editor-in-chief of the Claremont Independent at the time, and coauthored an editorial critiquing the protesters’ tactics. In a similar vein, Nathan Tsai (CMC ’17), the “Ignorant SPOC,” wrote a letter that garnered 277 signatures in opposition to the protesters’ demands.



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