FLIGHT 804: Reports are that sensors detected smoke in a bathroom towards the nose of the plane before it disappeared from radar.   However, French officials didn’t say what could have caused the plane to fill up with smoke.

Officials continue to say the possibility of terrorism cannot be ruled out, and offer a list other scenarios that could have caused the plane to crash.

  • A terrorist got into the avionics compartment and placed a device that triggered the smoke, which led to fire and the sensors to alarm.
  • That all of these sensors were picking up smoke and then disablement following a bomb going off.
  • That the fault in the avionics and the terror attack happened concurrently.

Earlier Friday, an EgyptAir official confirmed that wreckage of the missing plane was found, including body parts, luggage and passengers’ seats. The announcement came hours after a Greece official also reported evidence being found.

No terror groups had taken credit for the disaster as of Friday morning, and authorities were going through the passenger manifest, crew members’ backgrounds and airport staff for possible links to terror. The Egyptian military said that no distress call was received from the pilot.


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