U.S. MARINE Not Permitted to Walk in GRADUATION due to WEARING UNIFORM

ILLINOIS:  Megan Howerton finished high school months ago so she could start her career as a U.S. Marine.  But she returned to Mchenry West High School this week to participate with her classmates in the graduation ceremony.  Unfortunately, the officials at Mchenry West School would not allow Megan to walk during her commencement because she wore her Marine Corps uniform instead of the traditional gown.

“The district and administration in no way looked to prevent the participation of this graduate or any graduate who has chosen to serve our nation,” the school said in a statement. “Rather, the administration communicated in advance via letter, senior meeting, and practice, all the protocols expected of graduates, including attire. In some past cases, active-duty students elected to wear their gowns over top of their military uniforms, with their military hats, which was allowed.

Some students were so bothered they broke out of class to support Megan by protesting on the sidewalk.


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