For the past 30-years on Memorial Day weekend he has lined the front of his store with 24 small American flags.  But earlier this week a city worker informed Ken that his flags had to be removed. When Ken asked why, the worker said the American flags violated the town’s sign ordinance.

Ken pushed back and told the city employee that the American flag is not a sign.  After a few minutes of discussion the city worker told Ken the flags could stay in place.   But unfortunately, the story didn’t end there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 7.23.22 PMThe next day a a female city ordinance officer visited Ken’s story and confiscated all 24 flags.  According to Ken, She took the flags and threw them in the back of her pickup truck.

Ken posted a message on Facebook – alerting his customers that “the city of Westland removed my flags from my property – saying it’s signage.”

By Thursday afternoon the mayor and a council member had apologized and vowed to return the flags.  By Friday morning the flags were replaced by a good samaritan.