Katie Couric Admits to Editing Film to Discredit Gun Rights Supporters

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A source close to Katie Couric says the former morning show host is now in self-imposed regret over the insertion of an eight-second pause in her gun control film, Under the Gun, to make it appear as if pro-gun advocates could not properly answer a question. The pause was inserted to delay responses to Couric’s background check question. It gave the impression pro-gun individuals were stumped or clueless how to respond to the topic of gun control.

Newly attained audio and video proved the pro-gun responses were given immediately after Couric asked the question, despite the film portraying it to look like the respondents sat in silence for nearly ten seconds, lacking how to respond. Couric’s film also omitted a four-hour interview with gun scholar John Lott, Jr.

“This was an unnecessary mistake. It did not represent editing someone’s sentences. There was no factual error. This is not a mistake that is a substantive mistake,” a source close to Couric told the outlet. “It could have been avoided. This was a poor decision that was made, and it involves silence.”

The video below shows the misleading edit, and if you click here you can listen to the raw audio footage Couric left out.



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