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A tragic death has left millions of Facebook followers in mourning after 7-year-old Tripp Halstead unexpectedly passed away on Thursday.

When Tripp was 2-years-old, he was forced into a fight for his life. In 2012, he was hit on the head by a falling tree branch in a freak accident outside his daycare in Jefferson, Ga. The falling branch caused a traumatic and lasting brain injury.

The story of the accident was covered by news outlets nationwide. Since then, millions have followed his journey as he and his family adjusted to his new needs.

Fox News reportsOn Thursday, five years after the injury, Tripp’s parents announced on a verified Facebook page with more than 2.7 million subscribers that the 7-year-old boy had died.

 “We are beyond devastated and honestly I believe I am in shock,” Tripp’s parents, Bill and Stacy, wrote on the Facebook page that kept people updated on the boy’s health. “Our amazing, perfect, beautiful miracle of a son, Tripp Hughes Halstead passed away at 5:47 pm today. He was our whole world.”

 The mom explained in an earlier post that Tripp was having trouble breathing when she woke him up for school Thursday morning. She immediately gave him oxygen, which the family already had on hand, and drove him to the emergency room.

“The ER was very happy we brought him in. His oxygen levels were low and his CO2 levels were high so they have him on high flow oxygen and they did blood work, x rays and got an IV started,” Stacy explained.

Stacy said the boy died after fighting an infection.

“Bill and I were in the room when he passed at the hospital. His little body was just done fighting this last infection,” she said. “His little heart gave out.”

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