8-year-old child’s innovative idea will profit him $17,000

Young British entrepreneur Junior-James Wyatt is raking in the dough, but the 8-year-old self-starter isn’t delivering papers or mowing lawns. He’s started his own business, called Mr. Free Range.

Mr. Free Range is an egg delivery service, and Wyatt came up with the concept after being inspired by a similar operation featured on Britain’s “How’d You Get So Rich?” Wyatt and his mother purchase fresh eggs from local farmers at bulk prices, then package and distribute them to their customers.

Wyatt’s initial $13 investment has earned him around $327.50 each week. If he’s able to maintain that pace, he’s set to earn a yearly payout of $17,000.

Wyatt makes all the arrangements with his 35 customers, and sets the pricing, according to his mother, who helps him deliver the product and maintains a Facebook page for the budding company.

As he balances school and work, Wyatt has set lofty goals. He hopes to become a millionaire one day, and he reports that while he likes the personal interactions he has with people, he also enjoys earning a bit of cold, hard cash.

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