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  1. Dang it Dennis!! I just bought a bottle of the oil and had to save my money for it I’m on a fixed income but I couldn’t take this pain any longer. I wanted to wait for a special but couldn’t. Now you have a special. I have been taking this 3000 mg half dropperfor three days now and am saving for another special. Thank you for all you do. You are my hero!!

  2. Good morning Dennis, hope you’re having a great day. I was wondering about my order I made on the 18th for the 10/10 miracle me minis. I know how busy you must be with your huge deals and getting orders out and all you have going on. I usually get an e mail that my order has been shipped within a couple days, haven’t received one as of yet. No worries, just curious. I trust you and love your products. If it wasn’t for your amazing deals, I would not have been able to afford them. Had to use some of my savings account money for my purchases, was well worth it. Thank you for your amazing deals.


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