Cop Gets Suspended for Sharing Passionate Video

Andrew Mesa, a 10-year police officer veteran with the Miami Police Department, has been permanently relieved of duty without pay after he shared a passionate Facebook video post from his cousin. The video is of 8-year-old Jada Page, who was shot and killed last month. The family has been desperate to find the little girl’s killer, pleading for someone to come forward.

“I know somebody knows something, man,” Page’s cousin Eugene Spence says in the video. “I know somebody knows something, so at the same time we want justice for Jada. Share this post. Post up whatever you got to do. If you want to donate money to Crime Stoppers, talk.”

The passionate post not only got a ton of attention, but it may have gotten Mesa in trouble. Mesa shared the video to his Facebook, along with aggressive commentary toward communities speaking out about police use of deadly force. In Mesa’s post, he writes the following:

“What will happen if they force police to defend themselves and deadly force is the only option… Will you say their hands were up? Then come burn our city down? Will the lucky cop loose (sic) his job and get blasted on the media as a killer and face false murder charges? #GoGetTheKillersYourSelves.”

Mesa is “home, relieved of pay” while an investigation is being conducted. Not specifying exactly why Mesa is being investigated, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police will be representing Mesa.


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