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Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose. These top news anchors were axed in 2017 due to revelations of sexual misconduct, but George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s Good Morning America is still in the ring.

However, new reports indicate that the network is finding a means to get rid of him. Insiders claim he’s too expensive and doesn’t “bring much to the table” since his favored Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency.

Fox News reports the following:

“Clinton crony George Stephanopoulos is facing increased pressure at ABC now that morning-show competitors Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose have been kicked to the curb over sexual misconduct allegations, and his eight-figure salary is sticking out like a sore thumb as NBC rolls out a fun-loving and far less expensive team during the first two hours of arch-rival “Today.”

The former top aide to the Clintons and close friend of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is believed to earn roughly $15 million dollars a year at ABC, according to Business Insider, even though his role on “Good Morning America” is limited largely to political and hard-news stories and the show favors lighter stories more suited for ebullient co-hosts Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer.  

At the same time, the icy anchor’s cachet has diminished significantly with Hillary Clinton’s failure to win the White House and his cadre of Democratic friends on the outs in Washington with the end of the Obama administration. 

“He doesn’t bring much to the table anymore,” said an ABC insider, who noted that “’GMA’ covers barely any news. It’s not clear why he’s sitting there.””

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