Written by Dennis Michael Lynch (DML)
This is my official website.  For those people unfamiliar with me, I am an award-winning businessman and acclaimed documentarian known best for my unbiased news aggregation service (DML News), and for my truth-telling films.

This site offers my opinions, videos, photos, films, and reports.  Again, for those who are new to me, I have been making films and covering news, politics, and the issues facing the United States for more than a decade.

Politically, I am a registered Independent who openly supported Donald J. Trump in 2016, but make no mistake… I remain vocal when I disagree with the president.

Although I did not support him for president, I consulted for Dr. Ben Carson on immigration issues during the 2016 election, and I briefly considered running for office myself after a poll published by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly showed that 86% of viewers of The Kelly File would vote for me.

With nearly 1,500,000 total followers on social media and 100,000 downloads of the DML NEWS APP, and considering the millions of visits my websites receive each month, I like to believe I have formed a reputation for delivering honest, easy-to-understand reporting.

As far as my opinions and political analysis, I focus on what is RIGHT versus WRONG, instead of who is RIGHT versus LEFT.

In all of my years, proudly, I have never wavered from my unapologetic style of telling it like I see it, even if it meant losing viewers who wanted me to defend a political viewpoint or policy that I felt was damaging to America.

Since 2010, I have made made roughly a thousand appearances on cable TV news programs, and radio shows, both liberal and conservative.

In 2016, I was the host of Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED on Newsmax TV.  The program generated record-breaking ratings for the network, and the show was the highest rated news program on Newsmax TV each and every night it aired.

I no longer appear on TV news programs because I do not believe in what most networks like FOX, ABC, CNN and MSNBC are doing to viewers.  In my opinion, they are intentionally pushing negative narratives that spur hatred and turmoil for the sake of ratings.

In addition to my investigative reporting and filmmaking initiatives, I am the founder of the DML News App and DMLNews.com

The DML News App and DMLNews.com connect together to create one of the most popular and trusted news aggregation services in the U.S.

Unlike this website where my personal opinions and political views are prevalent, the DML News App and DMLNews.com take an unbiased, no-opinions-inserted approach to delivering the trending and breaking news stories taking shape each day.

Many people will say they learned of me via my LIVE programs on Facebook, which air in the mornings (Monday thru Friday), and are among the most shared political videos on the social media platform.

I am told by viewers that my daily Walk & Talk discussions, and my in-studio program called The Truth, offer a rare combination of insight, education and entertainment in the areas of news and politics.

Both programs are always unscripted, and each is designed to make complex matters more easy-to-understand for the average American who is fed up with the talking heads on cable news.

I typically take a more conservative viewpoint on the economy, homeland security, foreign affairs, and Constitutional issues, but I stand moderate on many social issues and the minimum wage, which I believe needs to be higher in order for Americans to compete with the ever-rising costs of living in the U.S.

I also believe we need to take better care of America’s retirees who are supposed to be enjoying their golden years instead worrying about the high costs of living and unaffordable medications.

I am very passionate about fixing the VA, the healthcare system, homelessness, immigration, and the racial and political divides plaguing the nation.  As a 9/11 survivor, I am adamant about protecting our homeland from terrorism.

In addition, from time to time my wife and I will hold a Facebook LIVE called Wine & Talk.  In short, Mary and I sip a few small glasses of wine while I crack jokes. We see it as a chance to share some down time with our viewers, and a break from the craziness.  There is no set schedule for these LIVE hits, but we typically do them once a month, or whenever I can convince Mary to appear on camera.

I am a lucky man for having the most loyal audience on the web.  I refer to my supporters as TEAM DML, and in addition to interacting with them via email each day, I hold meet and greet events throughout the year, and I spend Christmas with my viewers so that no person on TEAM DML ever feels alone on the holiday.

Getting back to Mary for a moment.  We have been married for 25 years, and we’ve been together since high school.  TEAM DML knows her as “Miss Mary.”  It is the nickname I gave her years ago after hearing nursery school students refer to her as “Miss Mary” with unbridled love and respect.

With my daughter Ashley’s assistance, Mary operates the popular MissMaryCafe.com website, which is connected to the LIFE tab on the DML News App. The website offers recipes, travel advice, celebrity news, movie reviews and health information.  She also handles the selection, management and shipping of our DML STORE items, and she runs our newly formed DML FOUNDATION.

My family has a long history of producing blue-collar workers, first responders, Soldiers and Marines.

My grandfather was a New York City cop, and my other grandfather worked on the rails.  My father proudly served as a 1-9 Marine during the Vietnam War. He earned an array of medals, including a Purple Heart accommodation.  My mother was a homemaker for most of my childhood, but then worked two shifts as a waitress, six days a week, after she and my father split.

My step-father, who to this day is one of my closest friends, is a retired police officer.  Two of my uncles served in the Army, my father-in-law was a Marine, and Mary’s family has deep routes in the NYC Fire Department.

Prior to entering the world of media, I was the founder and CEO of a computer recycling company that employed roughly 200 people in 5 states.   In 2000, I was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in e-Business for Long Island.

Finally, as a member of the media I believe it is my duty to disclose who and what I support monetarily.  NOTE: I do not financially support a political party, nor have I ever donated to a candidate. Through my personal checkbook, businesses, and the DML FOUNDATION, I donate when and what I can to various veterans groups, homeless outreach programs, substance abuse programs, youth sports initiatives, and St. Jude Childrens Hospital.  Years ago, I once donated $100 to Judicial Watch, but have discontinued to do so after launching DMLNews.com

On a lighter note, I am a sports enthusiast who cheers for the New York Yankees.  In my earlier years, I held tryouts with the Montreal Expos and Chicago White Sox.

Miss Mary and I live on Long Island with our four beautiful children and dog.  Aside from that, the only thing left to share is I love munching on pizza or buffalo chicken wings while watching Netflix dramas with my family.  Toss a cold Corona in there, and I am in total bliss.