ACLU Sues On Behalf of Illegals – Bail Should Be Affordable

jail overcrowding in Los Angeles, California

The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit on April 6, claiming that bond amounts are too high for illegal aliens, and it “violates their rights.”

 The ACLU Foundation of Southern California and the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project say the federal government sets unacceptably high bond amounts for illegal aliens in deportation proceedings because it fails to consider their ability to pay. The result, the ACLU argues, is lengthier incarceration rates for poorer aliens.

Illegals border fence

Breitbart reports the suit names Cesar Matias, a Honduran national fighting deportation by seeking asylum, and Xochitl Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico convicted of shoplifting, as plaintiffs in the suit. ACLU charges their bail is too high for them to pay and violates their rights. Matias’ bail is $3,000 and Hernandez’s bail is $60,000.

Defendents listed in the suit include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, ICE Director Sarah Saldana, along with others.

“Poverty or lack of financial resources should not deprive a person of his or her freedom while in civil immigration proceedings,” Michael Kaufman, an ACLU SoCal attorney, said in a statement. “Such detention violates the due process and equal protection guarantees of the Fifth Amendment, the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Bail Clause and immigration laws.”

The ACLU says immigration proceedings are a civil matter, and should reflect the changing times.


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