Activists claim responsibility for trashing Trump’s golf course

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In Rancho Palos Verdes, California, environmental activists decided on Sunday night to vandalize and tarnish a Trump National Golf Club in order to send a “message” to the president.

Video footage and photographs show the activists in the dark hours of the night sneaking onto the golf course.

Using rakes and other gardening tools, the disguised activists carved out the following message in the grass: “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS.”

Currently, there is no investigation being sought out over the incident. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department did confirm they received a phone call from Trump National Sunday morning in regards to the crime.

Meanwhile, the activists claiming to have committed the vandalism released an anonymous statement to ABC7 Eyewitness News:

“If our King Puppet really wants to ease the strain of immigration, why not make this world more livable for our neighbors, reduce the imperative need for any person to have to bundle their lives into a bag and flee their homes under duress… It’s a protest piece against Trump’s administration’s handling of our environmental policies. He’s been very aggressive in gutting a lot of the policies that we’ve had in place for a very long time. We felt it necessary to stand up and go take action against him.”

One anonymous individual explained the group’s reasoning for choosing hole No. 5 of the 18-hole public course. The person claimed the hole was the most “picturesque” in ripeness for defacing.

ABC7 said they “obscured the activist’s voice to protect his identity,” as they released audio of a phone conversation they had with him.

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