Left-leaning actress Debra Messing made a bid at attention recently, as she revealed on social media that her 13-year-old-son participates in anthem protests.

Messing, who is best known for her role as Grace on the hit tv-show “Will & Grace,” posted a photo Wednesday of her son protesting the national anthem during a hockey game, sparking a wave of outraged reactions. According to Messing, her son asked for permission to protest the national anthem during the New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, and she gave it.

Her post reads:

“’Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner.’

Son: ‘Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?’

Me: ‘Yes, honey. We can do that.’

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter)”

Even as protesters continue to display disdain for America by kneeling during the anthem, many others have pointed out that their ability to protest is a right, protected under the Constitution of the very nation they are disrespecting.

Active duty U.S. Army officer Jeremy Hunt points out that American’s need to remember that living in America is a privilege. In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” he stated, “Patriotic American’s need to keep reminding people how fortunate and blessed we are to live in the greatest country on Earth.” (See video below).

Hunt, who is also an opinion writer, told the news program on Monday morning that Messing’s viral post proves that American’s need to instill patriotic values in the next generation, “and be very intentional about how we do it.”

“We should really be teaching the next generation…to basically honor and cherish this country,” he said.

Messing has previously shown support for anthem protests. She recently tweeted a message of support for Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who made a display of kneeling in solidarity with NFL players on the House floor (see video below). Messing said the incident made her “teary.”

Response to Messings’ brag about the anthem protest with her son have varied, but many expressed extreme disappointment in her display and in her parenting style. A few examples follow:


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