Add to Bucket List: Sail Around The World With A Cat

Captain Liz Clark and her cat, Amelia, are sailing around the world on a 40-foot long boat called Swell.

Liz Clark is originally from San Diego, current address now “The Ocean”.   She said she has been dreaming of sailing around the world since she was a child.   She adopted Amelia when she was six months old, and now they are both having the adventure of their lives, reports The Telegraph.  

Clark worked on the boat (made in the 1960’s) for two years before she set off on her adventure.   She set sail in 2006 from California, and has now logged 18,000 nautical miles, traveling around the western coast of Mexico and Central America, as well as to the South Pacific.


Cat Sailing 2


Cat Sailing 1a


Cat Sailing 3a


Cat Sailing 4a


Cat Sailing 6a


Cat Sailing 7a


Cat Sailing 9


Cat Sailing 10


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