German police have arrested Ahmad G., 18, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, after his 17-year-old German girlfriend, Mireille B., was stabbed to death Monday night in the German town of Flensburg.

Reportedly, the Muslim boyfriend was angry that his German girlfriend refused to wear a headscarf or convert to Islam.

Bild, a German news outlet, reported that loud cries were heard from the apartment where the teen lived alone, and a police spokesman said, “Police and rescue workers were called into an apartment around 6:35 pm on Monday. There was a severely injured 17-year-old with multiple stab wounds. ”

Ahmad G. had came from Afghanistan to Germany in 2015 as an unaccompanied fugitive, and his asylum request had been denied. He was currently appealing the decision to deport him.

A friend Mireille’s family reportedly told the newspaper Bild: “Ahmad was a jealous rooster who always wanted to control her. They had been an item since January 2016 but there were constant rows. He insisted that she convert to Islam and always wear a headscarf. She wasn’t sure. Whenever she went scarfless there was trouble.”

“Mi told me that he fled alone from Afghanistan and had a great longing for his family. He’s supposed to have a job in a civil engineering company.”

“Once when I met with her he called her every two minutes on her phone demanding to know what was happening.”

“The killer has reportedly admitted that a final row about Islam and the headscarf led to her death,” the Daily Mail reported.

Breitbart reported: A neighbor described the pair as constantly arguing with each other, while another described the victim as a “cheerful, open-minded girl” but admitted he had only seen the girl once, wearing a headscarf and acting in a shy and cautious manner.