The Latest Target-Transgender Debacle

After massive boycotting by disgruntled customers and financial suffering from the results, Target has decided to alter its transgender bathroom policy. This is a huge win for American families concerned for the safety of their children, and a huge kick to the groin for SJWs.

“It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy,” Target Chief Financial Officer Cathy Smith revealed in a press conference. “We are not satisfied with our second quarter traffic and sales performance.”

While they are not eliminating their policy altogether, they will instead begin a crusade of construction to install single-stall bathrooms to all of its locations by next year. The pricey endeavor, at $20 million, will hopefully satisfy customers in their eyes for safe usage of public bathrooms.

Almost all Target locations are expected to have these new installed bathrooms by March of 2017.


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