AG Sessions addresses MS-13 epidemic (video)

“This border is not open. If you come to America, come lawfully” was the message made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday.

Sessions spoke about mayors of sanctuary cities, saying that they need to listen to their constituents because residents certainly don’t want illegal aliens who commit crimes to stay in their cities.

“Why would any city want to say no, you can’t remove these people? It makes no sense,” said Sessions, imploring voters to hold their city councils and mayors to account. “What we’re doing now is irrational.”

“If they commit a crime, the law says they shall be deported, not may be,” he pointed out. “We need to restore lawfulness.”

However, what really stands out in the interview is Sessions addressing the MS-13 epidemic that is putting Americans at risk. According to Sessions, the Latin-American gang is a violent group that is programmed to kill. Sessions vowed that the U.S. government would hunt down such gang members, imprison them for their crimes, and ultimately deport them back to their home countries.

See the video below:


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