Airline’s New Uniforms Making Employees Sick

After American Airlines handed out new uniforms to over 70,000 employees, workers are asking for them to be recalled.

Employees initially embraced the new look of their assigned attire, but since the new uniform roll-out in September, over 1,600 workers have reported falling ill from wearing the new uniforms, complaining of rashes, itching, headaches and respiratory problems.

The first airline deemed it a wool allergy, but has since started an investigation as the problems have continued to spread across the company.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), released a statement revealing that they had received reports of over 1600 employees complaining of reactions to the new attire.

Issues have been tied to direct and indirect contact with the uniforms. American Airlines spokesman, Ron DeFeo, told The Dallas Morning News that they have conducted several tests on the uniforms, as they take the matter, “very seriously.”

The airline has ordered over 600 non-wool uniforms and authorized approximately 200 workers to don the old uniforms until the issues can be resolved.

The APFA will continue to research legal options as well as continue research and testing.

The update to the uniforms was said to be the 1st in over 30 years.

H/T:  USA Today


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