ALARMING Lack of Christian Refugees Admitted To US

The numbers are staggering – and one Republican lawmaker says this “has got to change.”

Syrians have all ethnic backgrounds and all faiths have fled their nation, mostly to escape the attacks by ISIS and the violence of war.  Almost five million are now registered with the U.N. refugee agency.    Many are carrying diseases, including a contagious flesh-eating disease (see pictures).  But one group among them has clearly been held back from being admitted as refugees to enter the United States.

Of all the people affected in Syria by the war, an estimated 10 percent of them are Christians.    Yet the percentage of Christians admitted into the U.S. is barely 1.3 percent.

The Obama administration started heavily ramping up admissions of Syrian refugees into the U.S. the latter part of May, with a total of 1,037 refugees brought in for the month – but out of that number, ONLY 2 were Christians.  The other 1,035 were all Muslims.

So far this year, the total refugees admitted is 2,099.   ONLY 6 of those are Christian.

And, since October 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the total is 2,773 refugees admitted, with ONLY 12 of those being Christian.

Taking it back one more step, since the Syrian conflict erupted, a total of 4,646 Syrian refugees have been brought to the USA, but ONLY 60 are Christians.

Syrian refugees 24 Christian church

The percentage of Christians being admitted has continue to DROP with each passing month.    However, it is people of the Christian faith who are facing the MOST persecution by ISIS in the war-torn nation.

Last week, in speaking at a House of Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing, Rep. Chris Smith (R) of New Jersey said the very small proportion of Christians among Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. “has got to change.”



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