Albuquerque Police Identifying Trump Protesters

Arrests are coming, say police… and one mother is in a panic after seeing her son’s picture on the news.

The protesters at Trump’s rally in Albuquerque were some of the most violent yet, setting fires, smashing a door of the convention center, breaking through barricades, throwing rocks at officers and their horses and destroying a police car.

The Albuquerque Police Department is treating an investigation of the riot very seriously.   Detectives say they already have identified 10 potential suspects so far, and they are carefully and thoroughly reviewing all video of the event.

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Police have already started interviewing suspects.   Thursday night, officers interviewed a 14-year-old boy who they say threw a grapefruit-sized rock at an officer.  He has not been arrested yet, and his mother is giving a different story about why her son was there.   She spoke with KOB4 News Thursday night, saying her son went to the rally in support of Trump, and just got caught among the protesters when he came out.

Police say arrests could start happening next week.   They have also identified a teenager wearing a black Yankees hat who threw a metal rod at officers.

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