As part of our goal to create DML NEWS and the DML NEWS APP into the most reliable and widely used digital aggregation service for news in the U.S. and around the world, our founder Dennis Michael Lynch has designed a new tool to help our readers better assess the information published to this website.

The all new DML NEWS rating now appears at the top of each published post. The ratings are based on a trustworthiness system that DML created based on the following criteria:

★ Provides named sources. DML News applies a star if sources are clearly named.

★ Reported by more than one notable outlet. DML News applies a star if more than one notable outlet is reporting the same or very similar news.

★ Does not insert opinion or leading words. DML News applies a star if there is no bias indicated in the news report. Includes a review of original title.

★ Includes supporting video, direct statements, or photos. DML News applies a star if there is content that clearly supports the news being reported.

NOTE: If an article / report fails to meet one or more of the listed criteria, it loses a star for each.  We do not place the rating system on stand alone videos or tweets.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE of how it looks, using a screenshot from an article that received 4 stars from DML NEWS.

Each post headline on our website comes with a prefix:

CLAIM: Indicates a news outlet has published an article that makes an accusation or is issuing a report based on unnamed sources and or hearsay which DML NEWS cannot independently confirm.

REPORT: Indicates an article with adequate information that presents itself as legitimate news.

VIDEO: Indicates the post will be for the most part about a video.

DML TV: Indicates the post will include a video only.

DML: Means an opinion or commentary from Dennis Michael Lynch.

UPDATE: Means there is more information to be added to a story already published / posted to the website.

EXCLUSIVE: Means DML NEWS is reporting directly and has had contact with the source(s) or subject(s) mentioned.

TRUMP: Indicates commentary from the president, typically in a tweet.