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Amazon announced Tuesday that more than five billion items were shipped worldwide in 2017 through its Prime program.

Despite revealing the number of items shipped free of charge to Prime members, Amazon did not disclose the number of subscribers to the service.

According to a news release from Amazon, the e-commerce company experienced a banner year with more consumers paying for Prime benefits in 2017 than in any prior year.  The year also saw more Prime member than ever taking advantage of their digital benefits.

Amazon also set records sales on “Prime Day,” Cyber Monday and during the holiday season in 2017, with sales growing 60 percent year-over-year on Prime Day, and app-based sales rising 50 percent year-over-year on Cyber Monday, CNBC reported.

Amazon is also experiencing growth in its content business, with Dec. 30 being the biggest streaming day yet for subscribers.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos attributes the success of the company to loyalty and repeat purchases, with the Prime program contributing greatly to the company’s bottom line. The program now includes fresh food delivery, pantry household supplies, Twitch game streaming and the offering of free books through Prime Reading.

In 2017, Amazon purchased Whole Foods, allowing some Prime members to obtain discounts from the popular grocery retailer.

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