Amazon Selling Allah Doormats – And Muslims Are Outraged


UPDATE: It appears Amazon has removed the doormats after receiving tons of complaints.

According to numerous reports, has been selling doormats with the word “Allah” inscribed on it since June. This has outraged many Muslims, and they are using social media to lash out at the online retailer for selling the “offensive” product. 

An example of one of these products is a “Allah Islam Symbols Doormat and Dog Mat” that was selling for $17.44.

The word ‘Allah’ – the Arabic word for ‘God’ – being written in Islamic calligraphy on a mat used for wiping feet has angered the offended Muslims in the U.S., calling the products “shameful” and “disrespectful.” A petition to boycott was launched earlier this week, and since then Amazon has begun removing the products from its website.

A due part of the removal came from political officials, like Mariam Khan, a city councilor from Birmingham, UK. This week she posted to Facebook asking for the removal of the mats, claiming in writing that they were “extremely offensive to Muslims… Amazon, please remove these from your site immediately.”

Khan’s Twitter and Facebook posts can be read below:


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