America Becoming A Part-Time Worker Society


In addition to the alarming number of Americans no longer participating in the work force, the decline in the quality of jobs available and the increase in part-time jobs reveals a disturbing trend.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge has pointed out a troubling breakdown in the new Bureau of Labor Statistics report that he described as the red flashing light – the number of multiple jobholders has risen to a record 8.05 million.

A report of new jobs created isn’t always a good thing.  In October, a survey revealed that 103,000 full time jobs were lost, and 90,000 part-time jobs were added.

As high-quality jobs continues to erode and more companies hire foreign STEM workers, American workers are being forced to take on multiple part-time jobs.

Obamacare mandates have also forced companies to adjust their hiring practices.

The Labor Department reported that 161,000 jobs were added in October – but Durden questions how many of those were actually duplicates – one person working multiple part-time jobs?

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