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violation sent to DML

Above is a screenshot of the notice we received on July 16 from Facebook, indicating that I was nailed for “hate speech.”  What is this all about?

In a recent Facebook LIVE, I read directly from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website a public statement in which the agency listed the number of illegal aliens who were arrested for various crimes in the first three months of 2018 but ultimately let go by California authorities.

Rape. Illegal possession. Drug offenses. Grand larceny. Attempted murder. Auto theft. Gun possession. The list of crimes was long, and I read some of them on my Facebook LIVE which attracted 1,800 viewers at its height, and over 4,000 shares within a few hours of its posting.  These sort of numbers are unheard of in today’s age of conservative censorship.

Facebook has hit my page with its first “page violation” for “hate speech.”  Although there was no hate towards any race, religion, or gender in my commentary, I have seen this story play out for other conservative voices in years past.  My popularity when it comes to truth telling, being Pro-Trump2020, and fighting illegal immigration is unmatched on Facebook LIVE.  So, I assume this truly is the beginning of the end for me as the election grows near.

I need your help with getting my new immigration film out to the masses as it is a great tool to help Trump win 2020.  But before I dive into that, allow me to give you a few punch list items that will help you and the 1.5M people who follow us on Facebook protect from losing contact with us altogether.

(1) Download the DML New App.  It is FREE!  It’s a great way to stay connected to me and the most reliable news feed anywhere.  You need this app with the election nearing.

(2) Join  Yes, it costs money. But you will join 2,000 people who come together each day to strategize how to win 2020 and to stay in the know about everything happening in the US.  We have NO trolls, no speech restrictions, and it’s all true news and opinion that helps you be the smartest person in the room because you get the real reports like the ICE report that are now being flagged as “hate.”

(3) Newsletter. Go to and click on any article.  Put your email address in to get our newsletter. Be sure to check your spam each morning.  Respond to the email so that Google puts us in your inbox.

(4) Last but not least, and maybe most important… My new immigration film THEY COME TO AMERICA 4 is the most hard hitting, eye opening film I have ever done.  It is 18-months in the making and it uses visuals to debunk every report put out by the liberal media.  You will not see anything like I have on Fox News, or any mainstream media outlet. There is no American with common sense who watches this film and comes away thinking they should vote for a Democrat.  Independents will watch this film and be all for Trump 2020.

I wasn’t going to release the pre-order until Aug 1 with a ship date of Aug 15, but now that I fear Facebook may rip me down before that time, I am pre-selling the DVD today. If we wait, we may lose the opportunity to connect with you later.

Please consider ordering the film NOW.  If we do get removed, your order is still submitted with us and we will ship it to you by Aug 15.  Please consider buying multiple DVDs and share them far and wide.  If I am removed from Facebook there will be nobody on Facebook providing the truth about immigration like I do each day.  This DVD fills the void for the time being.

I urge you to consider buying more than one DVD to share.  Either way, I thank you in advance for all the support you’ve given me over the years.

Select the QTY of DVDs you want to order.  If you want to order just 1 DVD, it’s the last option on the drop down.  Pricing is as follows:

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