American Company Housed Foreign Workers In Filth

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You likely have purchased products from company who housed workers in this filth.


A huge and filthy dormitory complex, which could house 6,000 workers at a time, just outside Shanghai was hurriedly abandoned just over eight weeks ago.   The Daily Mail has gained access to the facility – against the wishes of the corporation who housed impoverished foreign workers, keeping them like slaves, while they worked 12-hour shifts in a factory, making products almost every American uses.

If you have an Apple iPhone, it may have come from the factory where these people worked.

The images you will see below are the crude dorm rooms where up to 12 people slept per room, moldy walls, filthy bathrooms with communal showers (where up to 20 people had to shower together at a time) and squatting toilet cubicles.

Some personal belongings are left behind, evidence of a hurried evacuation of the facility.    The dining area where they had to eat showed feeble attempts of Christmas decorations – to help take away the reminder of the filth they were forced to live in.

A security guard kept on to watch over the facility said there were 6,000 workers living and working there at its peak, but Apple “has been getting less and less in the past two years,“ and they recently just closed the entire dormitory facility.

A letter by Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams in its Supplier Responsibility 2016 Progress Report, states: “At Apple, we are deeply committed to making sure everyone in our supply chain is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.  Our team works hard to raise the bar every year to improve working conditions, provide educational opportunities, push for higher standards of living, and protect human rights.”



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