American Muslim Olympian Mocks ISIS Victims

Muslim Olympian posing as a friend pretends to behead her, while liberals say she represents what America stands for.

Ibtihaj Muhammad is the champion fencer Olympian who competed with other Americans in Rio’s Olympic games.  She was the runner-up to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremonies, and many in the liberal media were calling on the winner, Michael Phelps, to give up the honor to Muhammad.

Those asking Phelps to step aside said having an African-American, hijab-wearing Muslim woman to represent America would show the world what the U.S. truly stands for.

Olympics 2016 4 Muhammad

Muhammad went on the record to bash America in the days before the Olympics, saying she doesn’t feel safe in America.

She also posted the following photo of herself with a friend pretending to behead her.   Many feel it strongly contradicts the words of Kamau Bell of CNN, who said, “Muhammad is an African-American, hijab-wearing Muslim woman who is also a world class fencer. Those are all groups that could always use some more love, acceptance, and respect from this country.”


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