American Rocker Promotes Anti-Trump Sign In Germany

Rocker goes overseas to trash Trump with profane sign… and American media never said a word.

American rock star Bruce Springstreen has long used his concerts to promote Democrat candidates in presidential election years.  In 2004 he performed in support of John Kerry, and in 2008 and 2012, he performed at rallies in support of Barack Obama.    Now he’s has just slammed Donald Trump in Germany.

At a June 17 concert in Munich, Germany, after his traditional dance with a female fan, Springsteen saw a pair of signs being held up high in the audience, and asked for the signs to be passed up to him.

Trump Hater Springsteen 2

Then he held the signs together for the cameras and the crowd to get a good look, as the image was displayed on the concert’s giant video screens: “Fuck Trump, We Want To Dance With the Boss,” the signs read.

Reportedly, the audience of 57,000 fans responded with loud cheers.

Springsteen also made political headlines in April when he abruptly cancelled a planned concert at the last minute that was scheduled in Greensboro, North Carolina, in protest of the state’s law banning men and transgenders from using women’s restrooms.  Cancelling the concert hurt the area economically, at a loss of about $100,000 to the coliseum alone.



Springsteen performing for Obama in 2012.

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