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In a remote area in Mexico, authorities seized four vehicles along with stockpiles of ammunition and tactical gear, found hidden under brush and tarps. The discovery was made just 200 miles south of the Texas state border.

The discovery was found in Nuevo Leon, a Mexican state with a long history of drug trafficking and cartel activity due to its proximity to the Texas border.

Breitbart News reports: The recent seizure took place near the Mexican town of San Buenaventura, just northeast of Monclova, Coahuila, as part of a joint operation between state and federal authorities, according to information provided by law enforcement sources to Breitbart Texas.

Authorities conducted an intelligence-driven operation aimed at disrupting cartel operations in the area and utilized air support from Mexico’s federal police.

Using a Blackhawk helicopter, Mexican authorities flew over various dirt roads near the rural community called Constitucion. As authorities flew over one of those roads, they spotted four SUV’s hidden with tarps and brush.  The officers in the helicopter directed authorities on the ground to the area where the SUVs were hidden.

In that area, authorities found four vehicles without any license plates. They also found several rounds of ammunition and numerous sets of body armor, tactical helmets, and other gear. Investigators turned the seized items and vehicles to federal authorities for further investigation.

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