Ammon Bundy Contesting Feds Authority To Prosecute Him

Lawyers reveal plans on how they will argue the case.

A trial has been scheduled for September for Ammon Bundy and about two dozen others who were involved in the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon during January and February. 

Bundy’s attorney, Lissa Casey, of Eugene, Oregon, said they will contest the authority of the federal government to prosecute their client, by challenging the government’s ownership of the refuge, reported The Register Guard.

“The federal government relinquished the land when it was previously deeded and homesteaded, thus relinquishing jurisdiction,” Casey wrote.   She intends to argue that the feds lost the right to own land inside Oregon once statehood was reached.   However, the US Supreme Court has already ruled in two separate cases that the government owns the land, so this will not be an easy argument to make.

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Bundy’s lawyers have asked the federal judge for an extension on the deadline for filing motions to dismiss the case.

Bundy as flown to Las Vegas nearly two weeks ago to appear in court regarding charges surrounding the 2014 armed standoff at his father’s Nevada ranch, and is due to return to Portland this week.

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