Amputee raising money for others in NYC Triathlon

Billy Davis, a 43-year-old master trainer at Crunch Fitness, lost his left leg five years ago in a motorcycle accident. The amputation hasn’t slowed him down, however, and he’s joining others in the New York City Triathlon. Davis seeks to raise funds for Wiggle Your Toes NYC, a group that helps get equipment into the hands of amputees who are struggling financially.

Davis hopes to raise $10,000 on what he calls “CheeseBurger Day,” named affectionately for an experience he had during his amputation recovery. “They take the restraints off, I look at the nurse and I say, ‘Can I get a cheeseburger and a coke? I’m so hungry!’” Davis recalls saying during his hospital stay.

Although he waited a couple more days for his burger, many who survive a traumatic injury will always remember getting back to normal activities, like eating a burger.

Davis hopes to use his experience to make a positive out of a negative. He decided to join the July 16 competition to inspire others who have lost a limb.

This will be Davis’s second year competing in the Triathlon, and he says he’s “honored to be part of the team.”


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