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Democrats have bestowed the label “Dreamers” upon young illegal aliens in the United States.

However, one American woman posted a heart-wrenching message on Twitter Sunday, along with a photo of a REAL dreamer – her only son who was killed by an illegal alien.

Sabine Durden, one of the “angel parents” who Trump often recognized during his presidential campaign, wrote in her Twitter message, “Only child, my son Dominic had HUGE DREAMS. He didn’t get to fulfill them, because he was killed by an illegal 7-12-12. Democrats don’t care because he can’t vote for them. Wake up and protect your Dreamers!”

The illegal alien from Guatemala who killed Durden’s son in a head-on collision had previously been deported, and was a convicted felon with a criminal record and two DUIs.

In a Facebook post last Wednesday, Durden again spoke out against DACA, writing:

So let me get this straight:
They are here because of Obama’s unconstitutional EO. They got loads of freebies, including fee rides to colleges, and got to learn skills, all on OUR $$.
They are not satisfied with anything and want more and more 
You better know that once they they get to stay, they will demand that their criminal parents get to stay and the rest of the family gets to come.
It’s a never ending cycle of horror at great cost for America.
#NoAmnesty # NoDACAdeal

Dennis Michael Lynch, who has spoken with Sabine in the past, and not long after her son was killed, responded to her tweet by writing: “I’ll always stand at ur side & fight for ur son. Be it a Dem or Rep, be it a greedy employer or president, any person who even suggests amnesty will face a bulldozer of opposition from me. Politicizing &/or monetizing amnesty is unAmerican, no other way to say it.”

The following news broadcast was from August 2016, when Trump first began to speak of the “softening” on his position toward illegal aliens in the U.S.

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