WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Communicates with Super PAC

In another lineage of email leaks from WikiLeaks, documents reveal the Clinton campaign conducted illegal coordination with super PACs. According to Law Newz, under current campaign finance laws, an April 2015 memorandum illegally outlines a strategy for the Clinton campaign to work in cohesion with the Priorities USA Action Fund super PAC. The violation targeted legislation on fundraising and sharing donor information between the campaign and the super PAC.

According to Clinton’s lawyers, they interpreted the guideline differently. They interpreted the law as allowing the Clinton campaign to “identify donor prospects for Priorities and provide Priorities with the donors’ contact information using a specific template form approved by the legal team.”

The campaign is attempting to avoid the violation by simply breaking up the donor list, and then sending it to the super PAC in small sub-payments

Last week, the Campaign Legal Center issued a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) accusing David Brock’s Correct the Record super PAC on illegally coordinating with the Clinton campaign. It will be telling to see if the Clinton campaign will be properly investigated for this violation by law officials.

To see the document, click here.

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