Anti-GOP Vandalism Committed on Republican Senator’s Neighborhood

Pennsylvania State Police are investigating several homes vandalized in the neighborhood of Zionsville, Pennsylvania, home of Republican Senator Pat Toomey. Homes were defaced near Toomey’s house with red spray paint late Saturday night. Ascribed on the sides of the houses were derogatory terms like “Nazis,” “Rapists,” and “Slavers.” Other graffitied phrases included “Look Out Toomey And You Neo Nazi Republicans,” and “#Americans Against The Republican Party.”

Sen. Toomey has deemed the incident “appalling,” and released his full statement on the matter at a campaign stop Tuesday morning in Northeast Philadelphia:

“That was just appalling. There’s just absolutely no place for that. You know, these were my neighbors and good friends and wonderful people and it’s just a shame that some politically motivated people would do something like that, it’s really, really despicable.”

Toomey’s rival, Democratic candidate Katie McGinty, also labeled the incident “unacceptable” and condemned the act:

“This act of vandalism is unacceptable. I hope law enforcement can quickly investigate the matter and hold the people responsible for it accountable.”


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