Anti-Israel Lesson Being Taught to… 3rd Graders, in New York

At an undisclosed school district in Ithaca, New York, elementary school teachers filmed themselves as they taught their third grade students about the warring conflict between Israel and Palestine. Despite the topic being inappropriate for children of that age, the educators were inherently biased, one-sided and downright anti-Semitic during the lesson. They criticized and bashed Israel, claiming the country stole the land and resources from the Palestine people.

The partisan education lesson quickly took root in the minds of the young students. In the video, one student proclaims he will protest on behalf of the Palestinian people when he grows up. Then another quizzically wonders how will they “stop Israel?”

Soon enough, the school district was forced to release a half-baked apology for the classroom incident:

“We recognize that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is very sensitive to many members of our community. We also recognize that this delicate topic was not presented in a manner consistent with its importance. We sincerely regret that this has occurred.”

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