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A Texas Antifa student group has proposed that “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” be rebranded as “Law Enforcement Incineration Day,” and they included a mocking image of a police officer on fire with their suggestion.

At the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), the group Autonomous Student Network (ASN) Austin tweeted an offensive suggestion. As reported by CampusReform (CR), their tweet read: “Instead of #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay how about #LawEnforcementIncinerationDay.”

ASN included a photo of a policeman engulfed in flames, reportedly taken of an “unidentified 41-year-old officer” who was “patrolling the streets of Paris, France on May 1, 2017” and was “struck by a Molotov cocktail that inflicted third-degree burns” (see image below).

On its Facebook page, ASN Austin describes itself as “an organization that seeks to promote student autonomy through direct action tactics.”

“We see the state as integral to all forms of domination. We see police as an extension of this and refuse any negotiation with the cops,” ASN writes. “We are dedicated to the complete abolition of all systems of domination and hierarchy.”

ASN claims to stand against, “the state, and capitalism as systems” which they accuse of organizing “violent and hierarchical relationships between social groups.”

“We see the state as integral to all forms of domination,” the groups description says, and they see “police as an extension of this and refuse any negotiation with the cops.”

CR notes:

The extensive description concludes with a call to “Spread Anarchy, Live Communism!”

As alluded to in its statement of principles, the controversial tweet of a police officer being immolated is just the latest instance of ASN Austin’s anti-police rhetoric.

ASN also tweeted another offensive graphic in response to a PragerU Twitter post. CR reports:

PragerU, the media brainchild of American conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager, tweeted a pro-police infographic on January 9 with the caption, “In America, we’re lucky to have the police force we do.”

The infographic points out that police officers protect citizens by arresting the gang members who kill and rob innocent people, asking, “So, why are there so many anti-police activists?”

ASN Austin seemed to take particular issue with the infographic.

“Hey @prageru, we fixed your graphic on the cops for you. Bet you feel real lucky being on the right side of that thin blue line though,” ASN Austin later tweeted alongside a spoof of PragerU’s original image.

ASN Austin’s graphic proclaims that the police “kill and rob” oppressed peoples while protecting  “white supremacist capitalism” as it endeavors to “exploit and repress” those same oppressed peoples, asking, “So, why are there so many police sympathizers?”

To follow is a number of offensive tweets and retweets from ASN (WARNING – images may be disturbing to some). Note: this is a student group operating on the campus of an American college, who describe themselves on Twitter as: “The Autonomous Student Network–Building autonomy and capacity at UT Austin.”

In the following posts, ASN trolls PragerU for its support of the police with an infographic they “fixed.”

In another shocking post, ASN enthusiastically touts the fact that they are, “a bunch of America hating homosexuals.”

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