Apartment For Rent: No Trump Supporters Allowed

Grand Junction, Colorado landlord says he won’t rent to anyone who supports Donald Trump.


The apartment rental ad reads as follows:

 For rent: Downtown apartment, 2 bedrooms. Includes organic garden space, hot tub, great backyard. You can bring your dogs if they have references as good as yours. If voting for Donald Trump, do not call.

Landlord Mark Holmes says he doesn’t even want to share a roof with Trump sympathizers “who subscribe to Trump’s rhetoric, which has included controversial comments about banning Muslims from the country, building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants and encouraging violence at his rallies.”

According to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, it’s actually not a violation of the Fair Housing Act to discriminate against someone because of their political beliefs.

Holmes is a self-admitted long-time activist who protested during the Vietnam War and other causes he believes in.   He says he’s recruiting like-minded people for a grassroots coalition to promote change on any issues.   He’s looking for people who are willing to “get their fingernails dirty” to participate on “peaceful demonstrations”, and who won’t mind spending a night in jail during a “Gandhi-type” protest.

He has received received multiple applications for the apartment rental.



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