Apple Makes Exceptions – For China

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Last year China surpassed the US as the #1 buyer of iPhones.  Are Apple’s concessions to China putting US at risk?

From LA TIMES | by David Pierson

Apple Inc. has come out swinging in its pitched battle with the government on its home turf.   But when it comes to its second-largest market, China, the Cupertino, Calif., company has been far more accommodating.


Since the iPhone was officially introduced in China seven years ago, Apple has overcome a national security backlash there and has censored apps that wouldn’t pass muster with Chinese authorities. It has moved local user data onto servers operated by the state-owned China Telecom and submits to security audits by Chinese authorities.

The approach contrasts with Apple’s defiant stance against the FBI, which is heaping pressure on the company to decrypt an iPhone that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook.

“Whatever data is on Chinese servers is susceptible to confiscation or even cryptanalysis,” a sort of code cracking, said Jonathan Zdziarski, a leading expert in iPhone security.

“Most of the hardware tools that have hacked iPhones in the past all came out of China, and that’s probably for a reason,” Zdziarski said. “It’d be foolish to think that Apple could form a safe and healthy relationship with the Chinese government that didn’t put the U.S. at some level of higher risk.”

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Tweet from January 2015:  “Apple has agreed to China’s security checks, 1st foreign firm to agree to rules of Cyberspace Admin of China.”

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