Apple Wants to Ban Pistol Emoji with THIS as a Substitute…

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.58.22 AM

Apple wants to make every iPhone “firearm free” by replacing the pistol emoji with a squirt gun. The changes come after a group against gun violence launched an online campaign to get the emoji removed.

If they do that, then they should remove the cigarette emoji since that causes lung cancer, or the knife emoji since that promotes stabbing. Let’s also remove the cake emoji, since it may be an offensive food item to those who are heavyset or obese and thinks it discriminates them.

Or better yet, if Apple really wants to full remove the “promotion of gun violence,” then the company should remove all violent games from their app store. And maybe music that glorifies crime, too.

Way to go Apple. You stand your ground against the FBI when they need information relative to the San Bernardino terrorist, but bow down to an online campaign because they are nit-picky over a small cartoon characterizing a gun.



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