April the Giraffe FINALLY gives birth

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Internet sensation, April the Giraffe, finally gave birth Saturday morning after months of keeping her captive audience waiting in anticipation.

April the Giraffe rose to fame months ago when her handlers at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. began live-streaming her fourth pregnancy on social media, which dragged on for much longer than expected when her mid-February due date came and went.

The famous pregnant giraffe even stimulated the small rural town’s economy and drew an abundance of media attention.

At the height of her popularity, she reportedly had nearly five million viewers a day, with many anxious followers checking in repeatedly on her progress.

As time marched on, some viewers grew impatient and stirred up conspiracies of it being a scam and she was not actually pregnant.

Though doubters would be proven wrong on Saturday morning when she finally started to go into labor. April’s caretakers immediately alerted her legion of followers when hooves were sticking out of her back end and she began prancing around her living quarters.

She welcomed her newborn into the world around 10 a.m. and immediately went to work licking her baby boy clean as more than 1 million viewers watched, reports The New York Post

An hour later, he was standing on his own four hooves, walking around the pen gingerly.

The park plans to hold a baby-naming contest shortly after birth, according to Hollywood Life.

Currently, April is basking in the glow of motherhood and has received an outpouring of congratulatory posts and well wishes on social media.

Tune in to watch live-streaming of April and her newborn.

H/T: New York Post


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