Architects Design Man-Made Island to Solve the Refugee Crisis

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A gathering of professional architects may have just solved the refugee crisis, though in a costly manner. The group has designed blueprints for a man-made island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The encompassing city on the island would incorporate the best of Europe and Africa infrastructure, which would sit off the coast of Tunisia.

Theo Deutinger, the leading Dutch architect of the group, has called his project ‘Europe In Africa’; an artificial island built above the seabed between Tunisia and Italy, populated exclusively by refugees hoping to reach Europe and escape their war torn homeland. Europe in Africa (EIA) would be a sovereign state with its own constitution and set of laws, economic and social system, complete with a university, a football stadium, airport and local government.

The island of EIA would be a city-state, like Monaco, with the land rented from the countries of Tunisia and Italy on a 99-year lease, and the EU paying the rent for the first 25 years; by then, Deutinger expects the EIA to be self-sufficient. EIA would not be part of the EU or the Euro Zone; it will remain independent.

The creative concept of entry to EIA is that there technically no refugees. Residents are granted at arrival with a full EIA citizenship and passport. Then, after living and working for 5 years in EIA, the residents can apply for a EU citizenship which enables them to live and work in any EU incorporated country.

Deutinger claims if the team could start with the planning and technical design, the  construction of the EIA could begin within two years time, with the first EIA citizens to move to the island “in about three years.” The initial design for the EIA estimates an acceptance of 150,000 inhabitants, but Deutinger adds that “no one will be turned away from the EIA.” Sounds rather similar to some of the EU countries right now…

A blueprint design and approximate location for EIA can be viewed below:

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