Arizona Police Release Video of Fatal Shooting

A Kingman, Arizona man who was visited by police on charges of a stolen firearm ended up dead after he shot two officers, seriously injuring one.

Thursday morning, September 29, Kingman police went to the home of Jeffrey Clair Cave, 53, with a search warrant for a stolen firearm.   Cave opened the door, with a gun in his hand.

As police yelled at him repeatedly to “Drop the gun, drop the gun!” he just stood there, and at one point, said “Shoot me.”    Finally Cave pointed his gun at police and shot two officers.   Officers fired back, killing him.

Detective Dennis Gilbert, 57, was hospitalized in serious condition, and Lt. James Brice luckily was not injured – the bullet just passed through his clothing.

The injured officer, Detective Gilbert, was one of the two who shot Cave.   The other was Detective Nicholas Schmitz.  Both have been placed on “routine administrative leave” while the shooting in investigated.

According to police, the weapon Cave had in his hand was not the stolen gun the officers were looking for.


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